We’re peanut people helping peanut people.

The American Peanut Council’s mission is to support the long-term growth of the U.S. peanut industry. We are the only organization that represents all segments of the peanut industry, including growers, shellers, manufacturers and allied partners. In a nutshell, we bring the industry together as we support exports, sustainability, reputation management and research of the world’s favorite nut.

Collins McNeill

2023 Chair


It has been a privilege serving as the 2023 chairman of the American Peanut Council’s board of directors. The board is committed to effective guidance to ensure that APC continues to carry out its vital mission of unifying the peanut industry through strategic export promotion, a first-of-its-kind sustainability initiative, top-notch peanut research and reputation management.

This was also a personal journey for me. I attended and spoke at my first International Peanut Forum in Lisbon. I was involved in the successful revamping of the executive committee and board governance to better reflect the needs of APC membership. In my role as chair, I supported APC’s improved communications to members and stakeholders, including its newsletters, Insights Summit and other APC functions. I also championed the new export strategy work that took countless volunteer leadership hours and tremendous dedication to develop.

APC’s vision is a powerful one. For nearly 80 years it has made a significant impact within the peanut industry. It has been an extraordinary history of accomplishment, and this past year was no exception. I think after viewing this impact report you will agree.

On behalf of the board, I am confident that APC will continue to carry out its mission with the creativity and dedication that has defined its history. I am proud to be part of such a resilient and innovative industry and am excited to see where the future takes us.



Annual value of U.S. peanut and peanut product exports, averaging 25% of the U.S. crop.


Grower enrollees for the Sustainable U.S. Peanuts Initiative covering 99,000 acres in 11 States.


Attendees from 35 Countries hosted at the 2023 International Peanut Forum in Lisbon.


Attendees hosted at the 55th Annual Meeting of the American Peanut Research & Education Society (APRES).


Rebranded and renamed the winter conference to APC’s Insights Summit.


Welcomed a VP of Communications and hired a new Director of Sustainability to bring added benefit and visibility to APC and its members.


Supported The Peanut Research Foundation’s multiple research projects and its Peanut Genome Initiative.


Was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal for our export work in Japan.


Hosted official industry trade missions to Europe, Japan and Mexico.


Launched the extensive work of four task forces to set a new industry strategy for U.S. peanut exports.


Continued to provide reputation management to the entire peanut industry through crisis communications and other critical resources.


Jars of peanut butter donated to America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia, with the help of the Georgia Peanut Commission, at the APRES annual meeting.

Our connections established through the annual USA Peanut Congress and Insights Summit meetings have paved the way for meaningful visits and strong business relationships. In addition, APC has served as the authoritative voice for the industry during times of crisis, offering invaluable press and media support. We count on APC as a reliable source of information on current topics impacting consumer markets.

Hal Burns
Jimbo’s Jumbos/Hampton Farms


We are connecting and unifying the industry through signature events and meetings.

2023 INternational Peanut Forum

We brought together 350 attendees from 35 countries at the 2023 International Peanut Forum in Lisbon.

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We curated a roster of top-tier policy, industry and issue-expert speakers at the 2023 Insights Summit in Washington, D.C. The conference also got a new name and a new look.

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APC & APSA USA Peanut Congress

We jointly hosted a successful USA Peanut Congress with the American Peanut Shellers Association on Amelia Island, Fla., where we awarded our signature Hall of Fame award to the National Peanut Board’s Bob Parker, and Lifetime Achievement awards to Senator Saxby Chambliss (Ga.), George Lovatt from Lovatt and Rushing, Victor Nwosu from Mars Wrigley, and Terry Shamblin from the American Peanut Growers Group.

APRES 55th Annual Meeting

We held the 55th Annual Meeting of the American Peanut Research & Education Society (APRES) in Savannah with 289 attendees, a record high since 1999, and the first year under APC management.


We are reaching new markets & growing international demand.

This past year, APC expanded and defended exports of U.S. peanuts and peanut products, valued at $703 million annually, averaging 25% of the U.S. crop.

Of significance, we launched a new industry strategy for growing U.S. peanut exports through the extensive work of four task forces. Considerable member input and leadership went into setting the new strategy, which will guide our path forward.

We hosted official industry trade missions to Europe, Japan and Mexico, along with visits to our Canadian customers and manufacturers.We participated in 20 international conferences and trade shows and hosted international customers.


APC carried out ongoing trade, consumer and promotional work in markets around the globe.

In partnership with the American Peanut Council, we were proud to continue support of the Sustainable U.S. Peanuts Initiative and its mission to help growers document and measure their environmental footprint and support continuous improvement.

Brian Reed
The J.M. Smucker Company

Sustainable U.S. Peanuts

We are collecting data to tell peanut’s IMPRESSIVE sustainability story.

APC completed the second year of the Sustainable U.S. Peanuts Initiative and has opened the third crop year enrollment. Since launching the initiative in 2021, we have taken significant steps toward developing a credible sustainability framework for the entire peanut industry, starting at the field level. We are excited about the path forward as we move into year three.

Not only are consumers demanding sustainable food production practices, but manufacturers, retailers and even our international trading partners are increasingly having the same expectations. SUSP is supporting America’s peanut farmers with metrics on the most efficient use of on-farm resources, as well as encouraging farm operation sustainability practices that will help meet these expectations, lead to increased demand for peanuts and set the stage for long-term economic viability.

Our 2023 goal was to double the 69 grower enrollments from the first year. We far exceeded expectations with:


Growers enrolled
in 11 States


Representation of the 2022 U.S. planted peanut acres, equaling 99,000 Acres


Peanut acres included a Fieldprint Analysis, representing 60,204 tons of peanuts


peanut fields

I think getting our sustainability story out is going to be more and more important in the future. The Sustainable U.S. Peanuts Initiative is the best tool we have to get that story told.

Otis Lee Johnson
Texas Peanut Grower

The Peanut Research Foundation

We are advancing the industry through groundbreaking research.

2023 Research Highlights:

New variety release TifCB7 was the first direct result of the Peanut Genome Initiative. With segments of the wild species Arachis cardenasii, which impart unprecedented levels of late leafspot resistance, we are optimistic TifCB7 will reduce, or even eliminate, fungicide inputs while yielding and grading at competitive levels.

Marker development continued for aflatoxin resistance and flavor traits. Progress shows that even complex traits like these can be addressed by non-GMO, genomics and breeding. It’s hoped that markers for flavor and aflatoxin resistance will soon be a part of peanut breeding programs.

The Peanut Research Foundation board of directors approved a new research plan which continues its promising research while expanding to include many critical quality and nutritional issues. The foundation’s goal is to explore opportunities to improve peanut’s already impressive protein content, fatty acid profile, antioxidant content and other quality traits.

Member engagement

We are connecting with our members in a meaningful way.

We continued to cultivate strong relationships with our members in 2023, while providing exceptional member value through programming, industry involvement and reputation management. APC members are engaged in growing and developing export markets, are connected with industry leaders and experts, and are at the forefront of industry issues.

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Mars Wrigley is proud to be a long-time member of the American Peanut Council. APC membership gives the industry a top-notch crisis management focus to ensure all in the peanut industry are protected, and the council addresses many significant issues facing us today such as sustainability and global demand. In addition, we are offered the ability to collaborate with all segments of the peanut industry, from growers and shellers to manufacturers. The ability to collaborate with all segments has driven our business forward.”

Anne-Marie DeLorenzo
Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager, Mars Wrigley

Our members are involved in the following APC committees:

Executive Committee

Export Committee

Sustainability Committee

Membership Committee

Communications Working Group

Technical Committee

Packaging and Handling Committee

Peanut Butter for the Hungry


We are reaching our members and stakeholders more strategically.


We refreshed our website at peanutsusa.com, aligning it with our mission and work.


We strengthened our social media channels.


We engaged more strategically with the press.


We deepened communications with our members to keep them in the know with our monthly webinar series, Insights newsletters and timely alerts.


We introduced the From the Field video series to hear directly from our members in their own words.

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We are telling the peanut story on behalf of our members.


We are making a difference in our communities.

APC manages Peanut Butter for the Hungry to raise money for and source peanut butter for food pantries throughout the U.S. We also work with global partners to distribute peanut-based ready-to-use therapeutic foods. APC staff donates their time to the program at no cost, meaning more than 90% of the administrative costs are paid for by the industry and donations go straight to those who need it the most.

With the help of the Georgia Peanut Commission, APRES members donated 4,320, 16-ounce jars of Peanut Proud peanut butter to the America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia during their 2023 annual meeting.



Collins McNeil
M.C. McNeill & Co.

Vice Chairman
Donald Chase
Georgia Peanut Commission

Anne-Marie DeLorenzo
Mars Wrigley Confectionery


Richard Owen
President & CEO  

Louise McKerchar
Vice President & European Marketing Director

Tracy Grondine
Vice President, Communications

Peter Vlazakis 
Senior Director, International Programs

Renee Deuell
Director of Finance

Allie Randell
Director of Sustainability

Christina Taylor
Director of Events

Peggy L. Disney
Membership & Marketing Manager

Mary Scott
International Programs Manager 

Steve Brown, Ph.D.
Executive Director
The Peanut Research Foundation 



Tom Corcoran 
Alabama, National Peanut Board

Carl Sanders
Alabama Peanut Producers Association

Joel Sirmon
Alabama Peanut Producers Association*

Greg Baltz
Arkansas, National Peanut Board 

Ken Barton
Florida Peanut Producers Association

Larry Ford
Florida Peanut Producers Association

Don Koehler
Georgia Peanut Commission

Rodney Dawson
Georgia Peanut Commission

Joe Boddiford
Georgia Peanut Commission

Tim Burch
Georgia Peanut Commission*

Donald Chase
Georgia Peanut Commission*

Ross Kendrick
Georgia Peanut Commission

Casey Cox
Georgia, National Peanut Board*

Paul Rogers
Virginia, National Peanut Board

Lonnie Fortner
Mississippi, National Peanut Board 

Ashley Collins
North Carolina Peanut Growers Association

Les Crall
Oklahoma, National Peanut Board

Katherine Helms
South Carolina Peanut Board

Otis Johnson
Texas Peanut Producers Board

Jeff Roper
Texas Peanut Producers Board

Larry Don Womack
Texas Peanut Producers*

Dell Cotton
Virginia Peanut Growers Association*


John Powell
American Peanut Shellers Association*

Charles Birdsong
Birdsong Peanuts

Darlene Cowart
Birdsong Peanuts

Robert Crumpler
Birdsong Peanuts

Greg Harnish
Birdsong Peanuts*

Dirk Lindsey
Coastal Grower

Lupe de Lira
Golden Peanut

Blair Hillen
Golden Peanut

Clint Piper
Golden Peanut*

Mike Davis
Olam Peanut Shelling Co.

Patricia Moody
Olam Peanut Shelling Co.*

Miriam Crosby
The Peanut Institute/APSA

Rachel Santos
Premium Peanut*

Clay Garnto
Premium Peanut

Byron Warnken
Wilco Peanut Co.

John Gray
Williston Peanuts


Anne-Marie DeLorenzo, 
Mars Wrigley*

Jack Pattengale
Clements Foods Company

Kimmi Wernli
Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter*

Bob Sauer

Brian Reed
The J.M. Smucker Company*

Michael Campagna
John B. Sanfilippo & Son

James Brown
Luray Peanut Company

Brandon Underwood
Once Again Nut Butter

Lee Zalben
Peanut Butter & Company

Lee Zalben
Peanut Butter & Company


Collins McNeil
M.C. McNeill & Company*

Stuart Franklin
Mazur & Hockman Inc.

Tyron Spearman
National Peanut Buying Points Association 

Hugh Nall
Southern Ag Carriers

Jack Davis
Peanut Research Foundation Chair

*2023 Executive Committee members